Just lean back on the Porch! The armless Freedom Chair Bed, in the cot 28" and Twin 39" size is built of solid CHERRY hardwood with stainless steel screws and hardware. Comfy outdoor box cushions are made with Outdura fabrics so rain spraying in under the porch roof or the afternoon sun beaming in are not a worry.
This  is the ideal sleeping porch furniture.

Go ahead and Just Lean Back where you love it most... on the summer porch.


Engineered to be easy to use with the hidden wheels and Flip-Bar. Sits at regular chair height and just leans back into a super stable bed.



  • Chair 28" wide  makes a COT BED with matching ottoman
  • Big Chair 39" wide and makes a TWIN BED with matching ottoman



  • Freedom Chair and Loveseat make an extra long FULL BED
  • 3 Freedom Chairs make a FULL SOFA and FULL BED
  • 3 Freedom Chairs make a LOVESEAT and OTTOMAN

  • 2 Big Chairs make an extra long FULL BED
  • 2 Big Chairs and Ottomans make a KING BED


Check out the COOL COMBOS section for other space solutions.
Its your special space... so go reconfigure it as much as you want.



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