This is the best ever Futon Sofabed. Just pop open the Flip-Bar and Just Lean Back to a bed. A perfect platform bed.


Rolls easily on its wheels... for those days when you just gotta rearrange the room.

Watch the squirrels in the garden in the afternoon, roll it to face the big screen TV in the evening, and lay it flat for sleeping for the the night.


Engineered to be easy to use with the hidden wheels and Flip-Bar. Sits at regular loveseat height and just leans back into a super stable bed.

  • Made for Full Futon Mattress 54" x 75"
  • Availabe for Queen Futon Mattress 60" x 80"


COOL COMBO TIP:  Freedom Sofa with the Cot Chaise make a Cool Sectional.


Check out the COOL COMBOS section for other space solutions. Hey, its your space. GO RECONFIGURE it!


  • We accept returns of wood frames within 10 days. The customer is responsible for Return Shipping costs. Product must be in original packaging and not have been assembled.