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Tiny House Futon Sofa Bed

Pictures are worth a thousand words. And, a happy customer makes a thousand smiles on our faces. When a new customer called to go over a few details about the futon sofa bed he was looking to order, he described the space it would be in... a new, little cabin that he had just built in the garden. It was going to be "useful for getaways".

Not a getaway from a "major heist or big time caper". Quite the contrary. That cabin, pictured here, would be a retreat when the kids and grand children and pets and all, would come to visit for a while. Extra bedrooms and guest beds throughout his family house, and, well... all of the beds in the house for that matter, were soon to be occupied. Happily occupied, that is, by dear visiting family members.

And, just to be clear, that little cabin in the garden was not meant for the kids, or the grand kids, but for Granddad himself! And the futon sofa bed that he wished to order had to fit just so... or "no go". The space intended for the new SmartFuton Sofa Bed was 86" from wall to wall. The Scandia Full Sofa Bed made by JustLeanBack measures 80" from arm tip to arm tip. No problem there. Most futon frames would fit that space.... smart ones or other wise.

The main consideration then, for the narrow and deep opening really came down to ease of operation, with an emphasis on, "continued ease of operation". There was simply no room for anyone to get around or beside a "stuck futon" to "unstick it". Reliable and smooth and easy handling were key to being able to fully use this futon frame in this tiny spot of this tiny house. A SmartFuton was definitely necessary.

The JustLeanBack design met the need. The wheels, infinite recline design,the unique FlipBar strength in the sofa and self-locking sturdiness of the bed position are just some of the features of the JustLeanBack futon that make it so simple and versatile and user friendly, and, well.... Smart. So, it feels right at home in even your tiniest of spaces and in your tiniest of houses. Which means, you can too.

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