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Sleep on the porch.

Sleeping on your screened-in porch is one of the delights of warm weather. There is nothing like it. To be sleeping in the fresh air, outside on your sleeping porch, with the sounds of the gentle rustling of the trees and peeping of the tree frogs is restorative for both mind and body.

We want you to enjoy your Sleeping Porch night and day which is why we created the Porch Convertibles Sofa bed and Chair Bed line of our JustLeanBack furnishings.

Scandia Sofa Just Leans Back into a Full Bed

We are taking our smart futon frame design, that very patented quintessential sofa bed frame design, and building it for the outdoors using solid hard wood, stainless steel hardware and teak oil finish. We make our own outdoor box cushions of the highest quality and comfort, with the fabric color and pattern of your choice. These Outdoor Sofa beds and Chair beds that you invest into will be a place of comfort and ease for you and your family for years and years and years to come.

Families and friends come together on summer porches and garden gazebos. Catching up over a cup of tea or a glass of wine gathered together in a comfortable and protected outdoor setting makes for cherished memories that last. When we can let go of the stresses of life, just lean back and breathe in the earthy outdoor air, gaze at the beauty around us, we do wonders for resetting and recharging our selves and those with us.

We've designed and built our porch convertible sofa beds and chair beds to serve you the best way and in every way possible. Not only are they comfortable, durable and attractive, they are lightweight (remember... the structure is the mechanism, so no extra or redundant materials used) they are flexible, with wheels for easy rearranging...

as your needs require and whims desire.

So, the next time when you are relaxed and just leaning back on your porch or gazebo, and you really don't feel like getting up and going back inside... just lean back a little more, grab that pretty pillow next to you and go to sleep. #SleeperPorchSofa #OutdoorSofaBed #BestFutonFrameDesign #MadeinUSA #QuintessentialFutonFrameDesign #IndodorOutdoorSofaBed #PorchChairBed

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