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Its time to end Futon Frame Frustration and Just Lean Back

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

You’ve seen it before… maybe even in your own place, the ubiquitous futon frame, the one where the seat section is always sliding forward, and the futon mattress is slipping even more, like spilled honey dripping off the end of the table, or a Dali clock in advanced stages of what looks like meltdown.

And there it often is, looking awkward in its "stuck" in the down and flat position. The plastic rollers got stuck in the grooves, or did one of them break inside there? Who really knows? Its just broke. Or is it just because the arm pieces, where those little grooves were cut out, are just splaying out… and so the rollers, at least on one side now, are simply not catching at all. Or maybe it is the front cross-rail on which the seat deck slides… perhaps that has cracked and the bolts are no longer secure into the arms. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, hurray! But if it has, you may be in the frustrating situation of a futon frame down and "out cold" permanently as a bed… and possibly even with a rope or a clamp or any other clever trick you have come up with “to keep it together”.

One customer wrote to me and expressed her futon frame frustration this way:

Subject: Very interested

Hello Joanne-

I have been viewing your excellent website and u-tube videos. I have been waiting for decades for your style of user friendly futon to be invented!

I am interested in replacing a twenty-five year old nearly unworkable and uncomfortable full-size futon with your Just-Laid Back Freedom unfinished ash wood model with a solid Hunter Green eight inch mattress. I am tired of wrestling with the old futon, which is is at our summer cabin. When I try to convert the futon bed into a couch the mattress invariably slides to the floor. I have to lift up the entire wood frame to get the wooden back to lodge into the grooves. I have gone through 3 cans of wood glider lubricant to no avail. My husband had to add anchoring pins to keep the back from collapsing. Sleeping on it feels like sleeping on a bag of rags. A couple of years ago I replaced the mattress with one that is more comfortable but even harder to convert into a couch. When I leave the futon as a full-sized bed, it takes up half the living room in our one room cabin. From reading this description you can probably sense my frustration and detect the sense of urgency in finding a better solution. I was therefore delighted to find your product line.

At your earliest convenience I would be most grateful for a price quote ... Cheryl R.

The thing is, the Just Lean Back design is completely different. Sure, the same purpose and function is there: sofa that converts to a bed which then converts back to a sofa. But, it is the HOW and WHAT and WHAT NOT that is different. There are no rollers or grooves or pegs or even click clacks. The sofa re-configures itself into a stable bed, no wobbles here. All we have to do is flip out the FLipbar and the sofa just leans back and then locks itself into the bed. To close it, we just initiate the lift, push the mattress forward and the sofa continues up and we lock the FLipbar back in. Since wheels are an integral part of the design, this all happens quite smoothly. There is nothing to get stuck or crack or split or splay out. It really is a simple design, and by that, I mean, quintessentially simple. The frame is the mechanism which is the frame… no redundancy. So, it is easy to use and reliable. And, even though the wheels are integral to the design, they are a real bonus to us, the user. Who doesn’t wanna just roll their futon sofa bed to face the beautiful view of the lake by day, and then roll it around to face the big screen in the evening and at the end of the movie, just lean back and be in bed for the night? Nothing frustrating about that, wouldn’t you agree?

After receiving and assembling her Freedom Frame, Cheryl sent us another email:

Hi Joanne-

Yesterday my husband and I set up the Justleanback futon frame and we love it. I can operate it myself, and while it’s not easy with our thick futon mattress, by having a locking mechanism it is possible for me operate it without a wrestling match.

We delivered our old futon to St. Vincent DePaul (see photo). I am sure it will work OK for a college student with a roommate, but I am looking forward to having your futon last me well into my 80’s.

Thanks again and kudos to the clever designer of this futon!!

Appreciatively, Cheryl R

No need to add a room when you have a Freedom Frame

I asked Cheryl if she would be OK with me sharing her experiences...

Hi Joanne-

I am happy to hear from you and to report that I can now operate my futon single handedly (with the same mattress)! I am flattered and pleased that you would like to use my experience to help others. I am so grateful to your company - you saved us the expense and time of adding a one bedroom addition onto our cabin.

Cheryl R.

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