See the Problem

​Face it. The Futon Frame as we know it needed a basic redesign.

We are all familiar with the typical wooden futon sliding forward on itself in the sofa position and the bending and wobbling at its center in the bed position.

The plastic rollers get stuck  inside the sliding grooves of the arm pieces... and then we are stuck.

Sooner or later the arms will splay out and  break.  The wood will split under the pressure and weight of the bending forces, and the external rails will break.
Isn't it time for a better futon frame design?

Design the Quintessential Solution

The JustLeanBack futon sofa bed frame is a “one-piece design” design.


Engineered for integrated structural stability, strength and functional simplicity.

This is a result of aiming for the quintessential design

​where no parts are extra or redundant (like rollers and grooves and extra rails under seat decks) and all parts of the structure are intended and calculated to serve for ​both superior support and strength and easy, simple mechanics.


Superior function melding with aesthetic form.

So we can Just Lean Back in style.

What you will like

  • Our patented FlipBar which is:

    1. Sofa's strong back brace
    2. Bed's integrated supporting structure
    3. Easy-does-it lock and unlock
    4.  Just Lean Back reclining mechanism


  • Wheels!!! make it so easy to reposition,
    roll, recline and just lean back

  • Seat and Back decks are integral parts
    of structure and mechanism ... keeping it simple

  • Engineered for strength
    See 10 people standing on a Freedom Frame

  • Keep-it-simple Assembly
    Remove 3 pins and you have 2 light sections

  • Lightweight 
    Strong by design and not bulk

  • Just Lean Back comfort, simplicity and ease


10 people standing on a Freedom Frame

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