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Green Policy

Sustainability and Efficiency are at our very core ... since 1984.
We started hand-building our unique convertible sofabeds, right here in the USA back in 1984 - and, although "green" was not a buzz word at the time, it was always our way. Sustainability and efficiency have always been at our very core - from product design to production.

We are Renewable

We use only 100% solid, clear, beautiful and naturally strong hardwood, itself a renewable resource. All the wood we use comes from FSC ( Forest Steward Council) CERTIFIED MILLS and is FSC controlled. This means the wood comes from slow-growth, sustainably managed forests.

Zero Waste Facility

We use only high-grade hardwoods, classified as "select and better" and yet, because we can use "shorts" we are, in fact beginning with "industry leftovers". When these boards come to our shop, we cut for maximum yield, leaving very little waste wood. That small amount of wood left over is used for heating during the winter in our high-efficiency wood stoves. The remaining sawdust is picked up by local farmers and used for animal bedding.



We believe that anything worthwhile is worth keeping and should not end up in a land-fill. We build the solid hardwood JustLeanBack Furnishings to last - so not only you and your children but even your children's children will be... well... Just Leaning Back on them.


From the furniture design itself to the production method that is designed to build the furniture - Nikita, the designer of JustLeanBack LLC has always kept efficiency at the core. And efficiency is green. Efficient design means less material usage. Efficient production means less shop space to maintain. Our shop is small and hyper-efficient.

Hand-made in USA  Frames

We have been hand-building in the USA - ever since Nikita Grigoriev,  designer and owner of JustLeanBack got the very first US patent on Futon SofaBeds in 1984. During the 80's and 90's, when most companies were importing from China and Malaysia - we stayed right here - in the USA - designing and making the best convertible sofabed frames on the planet. These were tough times, we admit - as, it seemed, almost everyone became accustomed to underpriced, poor quality imports - many of which have ended up in our American landfills. But now the tide is turning. Today, there is a greater appreciation for quality craftsmanship, durability and good design. We, at JustLeanBack, thank you for being one of those people who recognize and appreciate GOODesign MADE IN THE USA.

Hand-Made in USA  Box Cushions

We hand-make our box cushions and custom covers and pillows using the finest fibers and fabrics. All the fabric left-overs and discontinued display swatches are sent to various local craft groups, including the art department at a local college and support groups at a local hospital. We’ve seen many a beautiful tote bag created from these fine fabric leftovers. Even the leftover foam and Dacron is chopped up for future bean bag chairs.  TOTAL EFFICIENCY AND ZERO WASTE.

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