Scroll through ideas for combining our modular units with each other
to create the flexibility and versatility you are looking for
whether on the porch, the deck or the den.

GO Reconfigure!


Scandia Loveseat and Ottoman
with 2 Freedom Chairs... many combos!
Porch Convertible Furniture
Loveseat and Ottoman make a Full Bed
Shape shifting Porch Furniture
Loveseat and Chairs make a giant bed
Freedom Chairs with the Full Ottoman
Chairs and Ottoman make Full Chaise
Just Lean Back Chairs
Full Bed made of 2 Chairs and Otto
Three Freedom Chairs make a Loveseat & Ottoman, a Full bed, a Full sofa, benches...
Three Freedom Chairs on the Deck
Three Freedom Chairs
Three Freedom Chairs
Two Chairs make a Loveseat
Freedom Chair reclining
Freedom Chair lays flat like ottoman
Let's just lean back
Three Chairs make a Full Bed
Three Chairs reclining
Three Chairs make a Full Sofa
Three 28" Freedom Chairs
Three Reclining Chairs
Three Chairs on the deck
2 Freedom Big Chairs and Ottomans
make Full Bed, King Bed...
Twin Chairs with Ottomans on Porch
Freedom Twin Chairs and Ottomans
2 Twin Chairs & Ottos make King Bed
Two Twin , 39" armless Freedom Chair
2 Twin Chairs make a long Full Sofa
2 Big Chiar=Full Bed (2)
Freedom Queen Loveseat and
High-back Freedom Chair make a Queen Bed
Queen Loveseat & High-back Chair
Queen Loveseat & Chair make a Bed
Scandia Loveseat and Freedom Chair
make an extra-long Full Bed
Scandia Loveseat & Freedom Chair
Loveseat and Chair make a Full Bed
Scandia Sofa and Cot Chaise
make a King Bed
Scandia Sofa and Cot Chaise Set
Sofa and Cot Chaise make a King Bed
King Bed
Freedom Sofa and Two Scandia Chairs
Futon Sofa and Chairs in the Den
Futons just lean back into Beds
Freedom Sofa and Futon Chairs
Freedom Sofa and Cot Chaise
make a Sectional and a King Bed
Full Sofa and Cot Chaise sectional
Full Sofa & Chaise makes King Chaise
Sofa with Cot Chaise make a King Bed
Freedom Loveseat and Cot Chaise
Freedom Chair and Loveseat
make an extra- long Full Bed and Sofa
Freedom loveseat and chair
Loveseat and chair make a full bed
Freedom Loveseat and Chair