Its time to end sofa bed and futon frame frustration

The Best Sofa Bed
and Futon Frame  Just Leans Back

Watch the video... then contact us if you would like to chat about a futon frame or porch convertible.  And get a coupon!

We live in a remote area in the woods in our self built log cabin and the night symphony while I slept on my porch on my loveseat last night, my long time dream come true (with the dogs, of course, who love the furniture almost as much as I do!) was the most soothing sound imaginable!!I feel this is the best purchase I have ever made for both ease of function and comfort. Your customer service is astounding, from helping me choose the furniture to meet my needs to the choice of colors for my design. It has truly been a pleasure working with such a quality business.    April W.    Tennessee   Customer Since: 2007

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